VS Educational Consulting - Change the World - Stop Bullying!

"We are always excited to listen to Vic Salazar and his presentation on bully prevention in schools.  He provides to attendees pertinent information on the main causes of bullying and how to implement a program in schools to reduce bullying and improve academics. He covers all areas and uses his 36 yrs experience in public education to engage the participants with real stories."
Josie Smith-Wright
Past President-Black Caucus  

"Mr. Salazar does an excellent job covering all areas of the prevention of bullying in schools. Attendees leave with a better perspective in developing a sound bullying prevention program in their schools."
Nancy Denise Graves
Seguin ISD
Executive Director of Federal Programs and School Improvement

"Having listened to Mr. Salazar on bullying prevention in schools, I highly recommend his services to any school district.  His presentation is well presented and enjoyable."
Dr. Willis Mackey
Judson ISD

"I highly recommend Mr. Salazar to train district employees on bully prevention and intervention.  His program supports all areas addressed by the State Bully Laws."   
Ronald Brag
Gonzales ISD  
Director of Curriculum

"Vic Salazar delivers a realistic, been-there-done-that approach to bullying prevention/awareness.  His experience in the trenches in every aspect of education makes his delivery real and relevant to the 21 Century educator."  
John Hohnstreiter
Granbury ISD
Asst. Principal Acton Middle School   

"The anti-bullying/sexual harassment presentation was very informative and right on point.  In the society that we live in we all need to stay abreast of these issues."  
Dr. Gary Bates
Royal ISD

"The message that Mr. Salazar conveys at the MASBA conference regarding bully prevention in schools, is always extremely informative, fun, and comprehensive.  Attendees leave with complete knowledge of the legal issues, prevention, and intervention of bullying issues that schools face today.  We always honor his expertise." 
Kurt Hixon 
Mexican American School Board Association 
Marketing Director  

"Mr. Salazar provides a dynamic training on the yearly required anti-bullying and sexual harassment for all school employees.  The information we received will greatly improve the effectiveness in maintaining a safe and healthy environment at our district." 
Mr. Stetson Roane 
Seguin ISD